On the 3rd of January 2023, on a Tuesday, we went to Oporto, to visit the Botanic Garden and the Planetarium.

Firstly, we visited the Botanic Garden, which is known for having the skeleton of a whale. It’s a space where three dimensions converge: Recreation, History and Botanics.
The house is now run by the College of Science (University of Oporto).It also belonged to the Andresen Family, being “Saga”, a book of Sophia Andresen, inspired in that city. We didn’t have the opportunity to visit the Greenhouse but I hope we’ll visit it another time.
Then, we had lunch at “Norte Shopping” and after that we went straight to the Planetarium. Basically, we went to see a “film” about our planet, stars and galaxies. We also had the opportunity to see what the sky would look like that night.
Finally, we had an activity about Physics and Chemistry concerning light.
In general, I liked everything that we did on that trip, specially the visit to the Planetarium.


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